The Proven Leader in Flushing Performance


Neither is the fact that every little bit helps when it comes to doing what we can to conserve the natural resources we’ve been given.

Vortens® believes the leaders of tomorrow are those willing to give thought to the environment today. Vortens has been manufacturing high-efficiency toilets longer than anyone — doing its part to save the planet through water conservation.

It’s not by luck we’re still here — it’s by pure performance. Vortens manufactures a premier line of Gravity, Pressure Assist and Dual-Flush HET water-saving toilets. Vortens HET toilets outperform competitive brands. In fact, Maximum Performance Testing of Popular Toilet Models confirms that Vortens toilets are completely dependable and deliver absolute performance. That means no callbacks and no problems for you.

You may be flushing more down the toilet than you think, if you aren’t using a Vortens high-efficiency system. If you want to conserve water, it’s time for a little performance…Vortens style.



Vortens has been a Watersense partner since the EPA first started the Watersense program in 2006 participating by certifying all of its high efficiency fixtures and submitting reports on Watersense labeled products year after year.  You can find links to some of the certificates of appreciation issued by the Watersense program below.





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