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  1. What warranties do I have in my product? 

    On vitreous china there is a 5 year limited warranty on any manufacturing defects. On 1.6 GPF valves there is a 1 year limited warranty and on all HET toilets there is a 3 year limited warranty. For more information please refer to our warranty page.

  2. What do I need to make my warranty valid? 

    You will need proof of purchase issued by whoever sold the product as well as evidence of the problem that the product presents, to be evaluated by our quality assurance department.

  3. Where can I get replacement parts for my toilet? 

    You can find original Vortens replacement parts in our distributor’s website and you may order them directly through the web. Our parts distributors are listed on our PARTS section.        

  4. Where can I get replacement parts for my pressure assisted toilet? 

    Our pressure assisted toilets are equipped with a SLOAN FLUSHMATE valve. Please refer to the Flushmate webpage for replacement parts,

    or call them 1800-533-3460


  5. What is the best toilet seat for my Vortens toilet? 

    Please access the specsheet for each of our models in the product section and there you will find information on what Bemis barnd seats fit the model.

  6. My Dual Flush System flushes very little water on the half flush, what can I do? 

    Our products are sold pre-adjusted from the factory; however in some cases during transport our products might lose this adjustment. Please refer to our Dual Flush Manual for instructions on how to calibrate your dual-flush valve.

  7. My toilet keeps pouring water into the bowl after it has filled the tank, how can I fix this? 

    You can make simple adjustments to the fill valve to make your toilet work properly; If your toilet has a ballcock (floater) fill valve Find the adjustment screw in the upper part of the valve and with a screw driver adjust the water level, turning the screw clockwise to decrease the water level and counter clockwise to increase it. Make sure that the water level is aligned to the marking in the refill tube. If your toilet has a pilot type fill valve (without floater) first make sure that the plastic tube that goes from the fill valve to the refill tube is placed inside the refill tube and above the water level marking. Also locate the adjustment screw in the refill valve and turn it clockwise to reduce the water level until this is aligned with the marked water level in the refill tube.

  8. I require additional measurements than those found on the spec sheets where may I get these? 

    Please request them by sending us an e-mail to: support(at)

    If your doubts have not been solved by this FAQ please contact us at:support(at)

     or call us at: 866 821 2811 where we will gladly answer all of your questions.

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